Training for people with Intellectual Disabilities

Pinnacle Training has been involved with training for people with intellectual disabilities since 2004.

We offer young people and adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment with adequate accessibility and resources.

We have long established working relationships with Castle Industries, St. Michaels House and the Open Training College.

We have specific classes aimed at people with intellectual disabilities, where learners have the opportunity to make new friends, gain new knowledge and use training facilities in the community.

We are very happy to work with families and key workers around travel training to attend this training.

We prioritise for learners or groups that experience particular barriers to participation and find it more difficult to engage in the formal learning process. We recognise that learners often encounter difficulties during the learning process which we address this as a matter of course.

Our tutors and staff are suited to working with learners with difficulties and offer relevant programmes, at a level of learning suited to the learner’s ability while also monitoring the different needs and abilities of the individuals.

Many learners work towards some of the following awards:

Introduction to Computers - FETAC Level 3

e-Cert which is accredited by FIT (Fastrack to Information Technology)