Special Needs Assistant QQI Component Level 5

QQI Code: 5N1786

Award Type: Component Award

Award Level: Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications


This course is designed for people working or planning to work with Children with special needs as a Special Needs Assistant.  Most special needs assistants will work in a crèche, playschool, day centre for children with special needs, primary or secondary school.



Learners will acquire knowledge, skills and competence in the role of the Special Needs Assistant, learning how to effectively relate to children with special needs.

Working within the principles of good practice (e.g confidentiality, inclusion, independence, boundaries,etc.) they will learn how to form appropriate relationships with the children, their parents, their primary carers, teachers and other professionals.


On this course, learners will:

Explore the role and responsibilities of the Special Needs Assistant

Examine the qualities and skills of an effective Special Needs Assistant

Examine relevant legislation in relation to disability

Explore the rights of children with disabilities in relation to personal autonomy, participation and decision making

Relate effectively and appropriately to children who present with additional needs

Use care routines in feeding, toileting and general hygiene

Maintain appropriate relationships with children parents, primary carers, teachers and other members of the multidisciplinary team

Work effectively with children who present with disabilities under the direction of the classroom teacher

Assist children with disabilities in a range of activities, ensuring equality of opportunity through working in a safe and professional manner

Reflect on personal practice working with children, their parents or guardians and colleagues ensuring that children's individuality is promoted and that their needs are met.


Skills Demonstration 60%

Learner Record 40%


Duration: 12 x 3 hour classes (due to COVID-19, classes are taking place on Zoom)

Time: 6.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Start Date: Thursday 15th April 2021


Note: 20 hours of work experience is a requirement as part of this course and the learner is responsible for organising their own work experience.


To enquire about this course or get further course content, please call 01 8675214 or email paula.smyth@pinnacletraining.ie